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Achieving and maintaining vibrant health is a lifestyle and requires that multi-prong approach.
Not only do we have to take care of our physical issues, we also have to evaluate our mindset
to see why we have certain experiences and patterns that keep us in the same place. As one of
my mentors once said the Game stays the same only the uniform and players stay the same.

I believe that our physical state of health evolves from our mindset and emotions.
Therefore, it behooves us to work on all levels of ourselves. The question becomes what do we
do first that has the most impact and can help us heal faster?

Because of my long history of dealing not only with physical pain, but also mental and
emotional stress and anxiety I have learned that they are all connected. So I focused on dealing
with emotions mostly. I have found and tried may tools and mindset programs that have helped
me release the stress. From there I was able to relax and then the, pain had a chance to
subside, and then my body could heal. Its not a secret that when we are stressed our body can’t

I will be sharing no only Acupressure with Essential Oils but also different resources that have
helped me heal over the years. Stay Tuned.

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